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General information about learn Spanish in Ecuador

Ecuador is considered to be one of the best destinations to learn Spanish. There are more than one hundred schools, academies and institutes where you can learn the language. Learning Spanish in Ecuador will give you the possibility to experience South American culture whilst learning the language without the challenge of strong accents. It will be an unforgettable experience to study Spanish in Ecuador and it will open the opportunities to work in Latin America o in other countries where Spanish is spoken.

It is also an affordable option to study Spanish in Ecuador in comparison with other countries (the cost per hour varies between 7.5 and 15 USD). The price to learn Spanish in Ecuador depends on many factors such as the location of the school, the academic qualifications of the teachers, the materials used and the level of experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

It is important to highlight that teaching Spanish as a foreign language began in this country about 26 years ago. One of the initiators was the Academy of Spanish Quito, from which various Spanish schools emerged.

The majority of Spanish Language Institutions in Ecuador are new to the industry and very few of them have the legal permit that is granted by the Ministery of Education in Ecuador. Generally, the authorized schools are those that are qualified to give certificates on completion of courses of a minimum of 240 hours. As I offer a registered service I too can provide you with this certificate.

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