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Our fun Spanish class lets you learn the language, culture, and natural beauty of Ecuador. Our instructors will help you reach your goals whether you’re a beginner or want to improve your skills. Come join us for an amazing experience that will last a lifetime!

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Mariana Gonzalez,
Spanish Teacher​

I am a highly experienced Spanish teacher with over 15 years of experience teaching in Europe and Ecuador. I am a graduate in Spanish Language and Literature from the University of Loja, Ecuador, and also hold a degree in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language from the Catholic University in Quito. I am a Secondary Education Teacher from the University of Loja, and have previously been the Director and Owner of the “Renovación” Spanish School, as well as the Ex-Secretary of the Association of Spanish Schools in Ecuador. Currently, I am the Secretary of the Association of Leaders in Tourism of Ecuador. I am based in Quito, but I work in various locations throughout Ecuador including Loja, Cuenca, Baños, The Jungle, The Coast, Otavalo, and Quito.

How I Can Help?

Our classes accepts everyone who wants to get better in Spanish, no matter you are a beginner or looking to smoothly enhance your language skills, we have the best tools to teach Spanish​


At this level, we begin by studying the basics.  The use of basic conversational and grammatical structures enables the student to be able to communicate almost straightaway.


The aims of the intermediate course are that the student will be able to communicate clearly, effectively and fluidly, and improve their level of understanding, and oral and written expression.


In the advanced course, we will study different structures from the comparative to the subjunctive,that will enable the student to communicate with ease in different environments that he or she may need to.   If you wish to study with other teachers, you can contact and you can pay directly to them. They have worked with me in my Spanish School, and in other Schools, i can to recommend them.

Various teaching methods that we offer​

online course​

Learn Spanish from anywhere! Join our online Spanish class and discover the beauty of the language from the comfort of your own home​

Face to face Course

Learn Spanish in a fun and effective way! Join our in-person course in Quito, with our highly trained teachers that will guide you on your path to fluency​

Live with the indigenous people of Ecuador​

Embrace cultural immersion and learn Spanish with our indigenous family in Ecuador​

Learn Spanish on the beautiful coast of Ecuador​

Learning Spanish is not limited to classroom or online method, learn Spanish while enjoying the warm breeze of beautiful Ecuador coast!​

Spanish Lessons To
Meet Your Goals And Needs ​

Career Advancement

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, making it an essential skill for anyone who works in a global or multicultural setting. Knowing Spanish can open up new career opportunities, and help you communicate with colleagues, clients, and customers more effectively.

Travel and Exploration

Spanish is spoken in over 20 countries worldwide, including Spain, Mexico, and much of Central and South America. Learning Spanish can enable you to explore new cultures and travel with confidence, allowing you to immerse yourself in new experiences and connect with locals.

Personal Development

Learning Spanish can also be an incredibly rewarding personal journey, helping you expand your horizons and challenge yourself to learn new things. It can boost your cognitive abilities, enhance your memory and problem-solving skills, and increase your cultural awareness.

Social Connections

Spanish is a widely spoken language, and knowing it can help you build new social connections and friendships both locally and globally. Whether you are looking to connect with others in your community or make friends while traveling, knowing Spanish can help you break down language barriers and communicate more effectively with others.

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